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Providing You with the Highest Quality of Rehabilitation, since 2003.
Church Hill offers a number of different services to meet your needs.


  • Post Surgical 

  • Sport Specific Training and Rehabilitation

  • Neuromuscular and Balance Deficiencies

  • Fall prevention

  • Manual Therapy and Soft Tissue Injuries

  • Phase 4

  • And many other services  See more >>

Virtual care and telehealth

We are now offering Virtual Care and Telehealth Services.

If you can't make it in, we can make it to you.

You can call to schedule an in home video PT evaluation or follow up session with our staff.

This can allow you to establish or maintain care, while maintaining social distancing.


Our top priority is to provide a safe and secure environment for both our staff and patients.  We are closely monitoring the latest updates regarding Covid 19 (Coronavirus)

Church Hill Physical Therapy is open for business, and we are confident that our facilities and practices are taking the precautions necessary to minimize exposure. Your physical therapy journey is important and we want to encourage the completion of your plan of care.

We are being extra vigilant with maintaining a sanitary environment in our clinic and ensuring our staff has what they need to stay healthy. We are sanitizing surfaces regularly throughout the day and encouraging good hand-washing practices (a great practice all the time, not just during an outbreak!). 

Please call (203)426-8449 with any questions or concerns.   

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"I came to Church Hill PT as a "cautious" patient. They met me at my initial point of development and helped me reach my full potential. I will always be grateful to Church Hill PT. When you walk through their doors, you feel like you are with family. I am proud to be at this point with all of their help!"


“Church Hill PT has a level of caring and professionalism that is phenomenal."


"Church Hill PT is the best and it helped me get back to dancing"